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Struck the first blow, Cheong-wing power tailgate detonated Shenzhen Exhibition


February 26, 2016 - 28, the annual International Automobile Exhibition held as scheduled conversion services in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. Chang Yi power tailgate landed a strong automotive electronics this annual event, and doing my part to become the protagonist of the show's most eye-catching, the focus of the auto industry at home and abroad who pay attention.
Each entered the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Centre Hall 8 people, must be smooth wing booth hot scenes shaken. For three consecutive days, alive, Qunying, a scene almost packed, representatives of the parties are to understand the strength and the actual line-up from the smooth-wing power tailgate. Power tailgate as Guangzhou Chang Yi independent research and development and production of the pinnacle, not only with many powerful features, and combines the original user-friendly design philosophy, a modified car trunk in the top product. In order to make a professional auto parts people admiring the depth of understanding Cheong-wing power tailgate, Guangzhou Wing Cheong orchestrated the BMW 5 Series and RAV4 car show two real and complete tailgate accessories exhibition, also sent more than technical engineers and sales elite, and timely answers to customer questions and a variety of consulting. Product area, customer discussion area, always full, visitors were showing interest and intention to cooperate on the smooth wing power tailgate, more numerous customers prophecy Chang Yi power tailgate goalkeeper breaking 2016, to lead the future market of new products and competition selling point! 

Currently, Cheong-wing power tailgate has covered include many mainstream cars and SUV models, visitors can find a number of demand for products in the list of models, models and more, the advantages of the whole product, perfect for off-road vehicles are two-pole retrofit programs become everyone praise the smooth wing power tailgate, power tailgate smooth wing with strength also continued to refresh the Shenzhen Exhibition heat.

For active booth atmosphere to enhance the interaction of people and Exhibition, Guangzhou Chang Yi planned two-day "micro-channel scan code share to send Gifts" campaign, numerous participants, Chang Yi booth foreground activity area set off one after another venue a climax. Micro-channel activities are a good effect, the amount of attention and visits Guangzhou Chang Yi micro-channel public platform three days thousands of people are the major micro-channel circle of friends is more information and articles Cheong-wing power tailgate scraper, people almost can not help feeling said: Chang Yi power tailgate does not want the fire will not work ah! 

Cohabitation in product homogeneity serious dilemma in the industry, Cheong-wing power tailgate with innovative products adapted strong incoming, some bright spots, car modification to bring new vitality. Shenzhen exhibition demonstrated the charm out of the product, also witnessed a strong market potential and momentum Cheong-wing power tailgate, I hope interested friends after the show and we maintain close contact, win-win cooperation with Guangzhou Chang Yi, joint development and strive for greater market share, but also to the market to deliver more quality to meet the car owners living needs of the smart car in the new era.

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